La Casa Rosa Hotel

Casita Rosa Rent

Location: Santa Cruz La Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala C.A.

Accomodations:  House+ 1 bedroom + Kitchen + Apart living room with bathroom

Maximum 4 person

It is a cozy home full of light with open doors and an instant inspiration to writers and artists who will totally find themselves in their element.

From every corner of this endearing home you can admire the wonders of nature, a spectacular sunrise with a rare combination of colors that blend with dream and reality, you awake with the vague memory of your dreams to an incredible lively reality. The warm morning brezze invites you to leave your bed as your eyes follow your surroundings to discover magnificent volcanoes, mysterious mountains and above all you see in front of you the intense magnitude of  "the world’s  most beautiful lake" (Alexander vom Humbold)

In the morning you will find yourself astonished by the silence of the lake and from the spacious terrace(107m) you can feel the breeze caress your face. You will be thankful to the old tree for providing shade, for the  sun is already hot at the early hours. After breakfast the lake invites you to submerge yourself in its waters.

In the afternoon your curiosity is aroused by the rolling waves and takes you exploring on spetacular walks, private boats trips, kayaking, or public boat trips to neigboring villages named after the 12 apostels. You can also walk up the mountain to the town.

With the refreshing afternoon breeze, relaxing in the hammock. Sitting in front of the fireplace  you can witness the sunset, the fire being another natural element you can enjoy. You can enjoy a cozy night listening to the waves against the rocks as if they were right at your feet. Later on the sky abounding with stars make its spectacular appearance, full moon nights, nights that will take you to a different world-an unforgettable experience.

La Casita Rosa is exclusively romantic and quiet, away from public traffic and a 3 minute walk to the nearest dock. It is a safe place.

  • The kitchen is equipped with a gas stove with oven, a refrigerator, a microwave, and all utensils needed for cooking.
  • The bedroom has a bathroom and a charming shower, a Queen size bed with orthopedic mattress.
  • An imperial size collapsible bed is also available.
  • Internet Access is available at 3 min. Walk. You may also use you laptop with a special modem sold in Panajachel.
  • Activities: yoga, meditation, Spanish lessons, hiking scuba diving, restaurants  etc.


1 day: 75 USD

1 Week: 500 USD

1 month: 800 USD

*Important notes:
-The Lake go up in the last 5 years and the house remain just 2 meters from the lake. This involves advantages and disadvantages depending of the person and taste ; When the wave is strong it can splash the windows and cause fogging.
- The lake go up and close the way . Now are build Wooden bridges which can be avoided by taking a boat to other places;  From the dock of  hotel Isla Verdeis not necesary to walk on wooden bridges. You can walk behind the hotel restaurantIsla Verde and then it's down about 20 steps.