Hotel La Casa Rosa


Crafts Shop

Crafts forgotten, invisible, artists with the spirit full of illusions, muses, art and hopes, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dream art. Everything they touch turns into art. Magic hands make amazing wood, yarns, fabrics, wool, beads, stones, shells, in unrepeatable ways. Each piece is unique. BUY ONE! Take a bit[…]

Garden Lounge Café

The powerful force of illusions, overflowing enthusiasm and joy, full of color dresses the dreams of Nicoletta … Gratifying response the GARDEN-LOUNGE-CAFE.

Mayan Ceremony

Clamoring to natural elements, addressing the four cardinal points, Mayans first ask permission from nature to make use of the four elements, fire, water, air and earth to make use of them. Then thank the daily existence. With colored candles, incense and liquor they raise their prayers and burn herbs[…]


An ample breakfast awaits you in our garden where the exotic odors of tropical flowers blend with the enticing smell of a Guatemalan breakfast. If you are an early riser the birds have prepared a concert for your personal enjoyment. If you prefer to sleep until the afternoon fluttering hummingbirds[…]


In this ample ambiance with its spectacular view, transform your energy to a magnetic force. Let the elements air, earth, water and fire help you discover your secret being. Our large, palm thatched room is perfect for meditation, dance and gimnastics. and… why not? Dance to awaken the joy of[…]


  Indulge – there is nothing more rewarding than a massage, let yourself go, forget yourself and be gently lead to a state of complete surrender, leave the body in the hands of an expert and open you the doors to relaxation and uninhibitedness –  meet your being.  

Lounge Bar

Mix the sun with the stars, mix the sunset with volcanoes, and mix the lake with its spirit. Mixing is exciting and thrilling. With a bit of fantasy  sparks can fly leading to good humor. The mixture joins, ties form, ties that enable us to open up. We invite you[…]


Indulge with our traditional “Temascal” or Mayan Sauna, leave your doubts and worries behind you. Relax in the aroma of chilca and eucalyptus; then jump in the lake under the shade of a Guayaba tree.